Selfie cause I wanna

i kick myself for thinking i was fat here….i’m 25 pounds heavier now and i felt like shit about my body here… i would give anything to snap back to this weight,… this was just in june. not it’s december and i’m an ogre again..

i miss my friends..

i love this picture, take in san diego this past summer. i was still somewhat happy.

i love her

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my weightloss over the years…. i’ve gained about ten pounds and i haven’t allowed myself to get on the scales.. but this was a huge accomplishment for me. just thought i’d share it.

i just graduated highschool. bittersweet… i don’t know how i feel yet.. congrats though to the class of 2012. i’m going to an all night lockin called project graduation. then at 6 tomorrow i leave for the airport & i’ll be flying to san diego CALIFORNIA… ! <3